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Allures is a unique sensual lifestyle dance experience that offers guests an opportunity to spend time with other like-minded people in a classy, upscale ultra-lounge party environment in which you can enjoy the evening.

Romantic candle light, decor, fog machine magic, and sensual mood lighting will set the scene to start your night, as two large projector screens simultaneously broadcast music video in your favorite Old School, R&B, Hip Hop and Classic Rock hits.










The Vegas Red Rooster is open every night for you to party!

The Red Rooster is Las Vegas’s oldest and most well known Swinger’s Party for couples and singles. Established in 1982 by Mike and Chris as a natural extension of their own uninhibited sexuality.

Chris and Mike opened the Las Vegas Red Rooster in their 800 sq. foot home in 1982. Their home has been open six nights a week ever since then. Thirty one years later the Rooster Parties are still held in their home but it has grown to almost Thirteen Thousand sq. feet. On a normal week Eight Hundred to One Thousand people still come to the Vegas Red Rooster to party! They have taken pride in the fact that everyone is welcome in their home. Couples, Single men and women alike. They believe that the lifestyle should always be open to everyone. In April of 2003 they started opening their home on Sundays for even more people to come party. This is a couple that everyone should be proud of and Thankful for. They have worked six and seven days a week so that others would have a

place to party for 31 years! You will still find them working each night that there is a party at the World Famous Las Vegas Red Rooster!



Aqua Lounge New York

We are a new upscale couples Club / Lounge & Spa Resort. Our enormous, one of a kind venue is devoted to provide true upscale and ultimately experiences for the lifestyle.  Don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Over 7,000 sq ft of pure fun, over 55 Lockers, Locker rooms, Showers, Jacuzzi, Pool,  Sauna, Steam Room, Multiple Restrooms, Bar, Lounge Areas, Dance Lounge, Private Rooms, Open Play Areas, Music, & Snacks.

Come experience it for yourself. 2 large floors of charismatic couples just looking to forget the stresses of life and to get the chance to meet interesting and attractive people.

2nd floor is of a very large lounge area, with byob-bar, wall to wall couches, great music (DJ performing on occasions), and plenty of dancing.  1st floor is quite different, it’s more of a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere furnished with a warm bar-side Jacuzzi, Pool, 2 Saunas, Steam Room, and additionally separate Bar & Lounge area. We find this type of ambiance gives couples a more natural and relaxing atmosphere, allowing them to be more themselves.  Given the chance to get to know each other better, both intellectually and physically.  So whether you prefer a more upbeat Club / Lounge area, or you’re the type who prefers a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, there’s no doubt that having the best of both worlds allows everyone a more exiting, comforting, and more enjoyable time meeting others.  In addition we offer a quite large separate on-premise play area, and many private rooms for those who wish their privacy.

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Our mixers are best described as THE place where steamy hot and like-minded couples and single ladies mingle face to face in an extremely low pressure, yet highly erotically charged atmosphere. Each monthly mixer typically draws between 50 and 100 couples as well as a handful of single females. Ages range, typically some 20′s, a bunch of 30′s and a handful of 40′s. They are all private and invite only, and start out in public venues. The dress is usually sexy club wear, unless we have a particular theme that night. Of course everyone’s idea of sexy differs with their own level of comfort. We don’t encourage the hanky panky on site, after all these are public venues, but the girls sometimes get daring on the dance floor or in the darker corners as the night goes on. As couples make new friends they’d like to get to know more intimately, the party typically moves to more private locations in smaller groups. We almost always host an Open Bar for our guests during the first hour of the event, not only to get guests to arrive early, but to give them the opportunity to loosen up a bit, and let their inhibitions slip away.







Swingers Club Cosmo Host the most elegant upscale parties throughout the central California region. Club Cosmo is a unique lifestyle dance experience that offers guests an opportunity to spend time with other like-minded people in a classy, upscale dance party environment. Club Cosmo brings you the hottest DJ in the lifestyle DJXXX to play dance music including Hot Adult Contemporary, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Latin and R&B. Music continues non-stop until 1 am.  Meet and greet areas inside and outside. 


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Eyz Wide Shut is the largest Swingers Club in Tampa. It serves the best liquors in town and a nightly buffet. With its sexy and exciting atmosphere, Eyz Wide Shut is a place where couples could mingle with other open-minded people in the most erotic sex club in Tampa.